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1 Million ePCRs in New Zealand
6th March 2018


In New Zealand the collaboration of St. John Ambulance and Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA) has supported the initiation of the project “electronic Patient Report Form” (ePRF) to replace manual hand-written clinical records.

ePRF (also known as electronic patient care record or ePCR) is now deployed all over New Zealand via St. John and WFA ambulances. St. John is the biggest ambulance service provider in New Zealand

The aim of ePRF is to improve the quality and safety of services with the patient at the center of care. ePRF has the ability to share relevant and timely information with other healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care plan.

ePRF is deployed all over New Zealand and the one million patient report form was achieved on 6th March this year. This milestone was reached due to the client’s trust in the system and the full support of the technical teams within Valentia and F3 Technologies.