About Us
  F3 (Fair Factor Force) Technologies was established in 1995 by Dr Ahmed Javad (MBBS) to offer software product development and IT services to Ireland.

About F3

  • The first office located in Pakistan was in Lahore with 10 staff members which was relocated to Rawalpindi in 1998.
  • F3 has grown organically and in addition to Pakistan and Ireland, we now have offices in Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Qatar, UAE, UK and South Africa.
  • We employ over 300 staff globally and will extend our business and enrol more technologists for Pakistan.
  • F3 Technologies works in close collaboration with various international organizations and locally with “Pakistan Software Export Board”, to improve the quality of software services offered from Pakistan.

F3 is an acronym of Fair Factor Force. We believe these three elements are fundamentals to progress in any business sector.

FAIR: Being 'Fair' is an important principal that any organization can adapt, and as our name indicates "Fair Factor Force" (F3) believes in the value and power of being FAIR. Fair business practices, Fair working environment and Fair support structures are primary element of our business ethics. F3 believes that only happy and dedicated employees create necessary elements within the work practice such as quality and reliability.

FAIR FACTOR: Having the "Fair Factor" integrated into the workings of our company we believe that we will create a working environment that will support Quality Process and will sustain volatile software market. "Fair Factor" supporting Quality Process is corner stone of our business development and growth strategy.

FAIR FACTOR FORCE: Staff & management at F3 Technologies will always ensure that we provide quantifiable and consistent results through automated and transparent quality processes. Committed, Intelligent and Skill full professional team will continuously work towards a more integrated Quality Processes that will be conducive to a productive work environment. We believe that the quality process should be a partnership between staff, management and clients.