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SNOMED CT Expo 2016
Thursday October 27 2016

Dr. Javad President of Technical Services for Valentia Technologies (VT) announced the launch of its “SnoChillie” browser at the Snomed Clinical Terminology (CT) Expo this week in Wellington, New Zealand. 

SnoChillie offers rapid integration with both existing and new healthcare software products by using simple standards-based APIs that provide numerous functions for consuming Snomed CT in software applications. SnoChillies is being hosted within New Zealand on a secure cloud platform for performance and reliability.

Dr. Javad stated that“…to promote the adoption of Snomed CT within New Zealand's healthcare ecosystem, Valentia was not placing any commercial or licensing restrictions on the use of SnoChillies by the public or private healthcare providers or by software vendors.”

A special feature of SnoChillies is that it includes readymade APIs for supporting post coordination without having to learn and design complex refinement techniques.

VT has a Snomed blog on the SnoChillies website <> where healthcare stakeholders across New Zealand can participate in discussions and record their experiences.