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ePCR Go Live in Doha Qatar
Friday 23th September 2016


Valentia Technologies CareMonx electronic patient care records (ePCR) has gone live in Doha Qatar & is fully integrated with FMS, SMS & CAD.

The Project Manager Mr. Meraj Ulqamar congratulates Valentia Technologies ePCR Team whose dedication & technical excellence supported the entire journey.   

He also commends all supporting teams (i.e. DB Team, QA factory & on site team, Infrastructure team factory & on site team, HL7 Team, Gateway Team & RTC Team, Technical Writers, Graphics & Multimedia team) whose collective efforts & technical excellence made the “Go Live” possible.

Mr. Meraj would like to thank Mr. Nouman Khalid, Master Trainer from UK who trained the Hamad Medical Centre Ambulance Services (HMCAS) trainees.

Mr. Meraj also acknowledges the valuable support from the parent company F3 Technologies and Senior Management for their guidance & oversight throughout the entire project