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  At F3 Technologies we encourage our staff to attend local and international events to enhance their knowledge and skill base in the area of IT. We also facilitate local events and activities for our staff and their families.

CeBIT Second Day
Tuesday 3rd May 2016


F3 & Valentia Technologies’ booth received many enquiries today as the number of participants grew on the second day. Mr. Peter Nelson & Ehsan Ullah were at the booth to discuss the company’s products. The conference program today covered a wide range of topics for example eGovernment, Mobility and eHealth.

eHealth examined embracing technology in an effort to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies and deliver better health outcomes. The presentations highlighted the fact that eHealth records are expected to deliver improvements to health budgets by reducing medical errors, prescription errors, medicine conflicts, doctor shopping, and more. The benefits from these systems are not simply tied to hospital systems, but also through to local doctors, pharmacies, PBS and more. For more information about day 2 visit