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  At F3 Technologies we encourage our staff to attend local and international events to enhance their knowledge and skill base in the area of IT. We also facilitate local events and activities for our staff and their families.

CeBIT Final Day
Wednesday 4th May 2016


Dr. Javad President of Technical Services for F3 & Valentia Technologies, Mr. Peter Nelson President of Business Development (Valentia Technologies) and Mr. Ehsan Ullah Technical Services Specialist (Valentia Technologies) would collectively like to thank all the staff at PSEB for supporting Pakistan’s IT Industry’s participation at this international event. Great networking opportunities were facilitated at the Pakistan Pavilion and everyone at F3 & Valentia Technologies looks forward to the next CeBIT event in 2017. Dr. Javad would also like to thank the team back in Pakistan who liaised with PSEB & CeBIT to have the graphics delivered on time, Mr. Rashid Ali Director of Graphics and Mr. Temoor Ali Marketing Manager. The session on “Internet of Things” was extremely thought provoking and for a comprehensive overview, please visit the summary of the final day at