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  At F3 Technologies we encourage our staff to attend local and international events to enhance their knowledge and skill base in the area of IT. We also facilitate local events and activities for our staff and their families.

F3 Technologies Ladies participated in kart racing and golf championship
12th December 2016


F3 Technologies Ladies participated in an exciting sports event on 12th December 2016. Safety skills were displayed in kart racing with skills in patience on the golf course. 

The Master of Ceremony Ms. Samia announced the winners and the Guest of Honour Mrs Javad awarded the trophies to the three winners and medals to all the staff for participating enthusiastically.

The trophy winners were: First position: Neda Qamar; 2nd Position: Quratul Ain and 3rd position: Mariam Wasif. 

This magnificent sports event provided great entertainment, healthy physical activities and moments of sheer joy to all participants and they returned feeling refreshed and energized.

A special thank you to Mr. Temoor (F3’s Marketing Manager) for all the logistics and Senior Management for their ongoing support.