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Striving for Universal Health Coverage Heartfile Health Financing (HHF):
Thursday 2nd June 2016


F3 & Valentia Technologies’ HFPROMMS software solution has facilitated transparency, equity and accountability of the donor’s donations, patient’s assessments, service requester and service provider for Heartfile’s Health Financing initiative.  Research findings from  a recent study revealed that the study participants (e.g. donors, doctors and patients)  were  extremely satisfied with the software used for the funding support received for medical care from HHF.

F3 & Valentia Technologies Deputy Director Projects Mr. Asif Ghafoor (who has been responsible for the development and go live phase of the software solution that supports the HHF initiative), F3’s Marketing Manager Mr. Temoor Ali and Mrs. Javad attended the dissemination of research findings related to the monitoring and evaluation ofHeartfile’s Health Financing (HHF ) initiative hosted by Dr. Sania Nishtar and her staff.

The main findings from the quantitative research (presented by Dr. Zahoor Sarwar) revealed a gender balance with equal male and female patients receiving funding for treatment and an increase in the number of children benefiting from the initiative. F3 & Valentia Technologies made this possible through the HFPROMMS software solution whereby a donor sets their own parameters and preferences e.g. gender, age, city, treatment etc.

The qualitative data (presented by Mr. Ali Islam Ghauri) highlighted the finding that the duration to process financial support was within 72 hours (for 8 in 10 applications). This fast tracking approach was supported and powered by F3 & Valentia Technologies HFPROMMS software solution proving to be extremely successful. According to Mr. Uzari Afzal’s research findings the vendors (medical suppliers) asked for optimum use of technology and additional attention to payment delays. Dr. Qamar Mahmood from IDRC/CRDI (a donor of the initiative) summarized the research findings and highlighted the need to address those patients who are not even reaching the health system and therefore delaying treatment for their medical conditions.
HHF is a non-profit and diverse public service organization that receives donations and funding support from multiple sources and then directly pays for the medical treatment (including products and services) for patients meeting very specific criteria.