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3D Dispatch Engine

The 3D Dispatch Engine is a rule based decision making engine that can make dispatch decisions based on not only staff and vehicle but also on other factors.

The Three dimensional factors include the following:

  • Operational Procedures of the Company
  • Assigning of cases to staff on equality bases, i.e. too many or too few cases should not be assigned to a staff member
  • Assigning of Unsociable hours’ tasks to Male staff only
  • Traffic load in an area on specific days and/or times
  • Type-of-vehicle restrictions in specific areas
  • Assigning of cases to paramedics more relevant to those cases based on their competencies

The system evaluates the feasibility of a resource and provides recommendations with concrete reasons. However the final decision will be made by the human dispatcher based on the situation. With this, CAD is capable of providing a facility to plug and play new Decision Making Rules without affecting the existing components of the system.