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Fleet Management System (FMS)

Fleet Management System is a SOA based application that manages whole fleet along with vehicle information, service history, fuel and maintenance expenses, and manages your preventive maintenance. It is one of the inherent components of CareMonX™ Admin application and works on the same architecture.

The function of Fleet Management System (FMS) is to assist admin in managing the maintenance of fleet of company’s vehicles or other mechanical assets. Although the focal point is maintenance, specifically preventive maintenance but FMS goes well beyond that to include useful features.

The major features of FMS are as follows.

  1. Managing company information and their default values
  2. Managing Vehicle categories and assigning templates
  3. Creating Templates which includes:
    • PM services template
    • CAN Data template
    • Inspection template
  4. Managing Work Orders
  5. Tyre Management
  6. Managing Alerts and Reminders
  7. Managing Daily Inspection checklist and its alerts
  8. Managing driver’s licenses and certifications
  9. Route and fuel logging
  10. Managing disinfection