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ICCert ®

ICCert    is F3's online training and examinations platform. It is an intuitive easy-to-use system enabling flexible content creation and authoring of questions in a multimedia environment. It supports multiple part exams and a comprehensive range of question weighting and marking structures.

ICCert    is comprised of five modules that collectively presents a layered architecture, the modules are: eCreate, eMain, eCollect, eCenter and eEmulate. To ensure data integrity and seamless conduction of the examination all these modules work from remote locations in a collaborative manner. The modules can also be accommodated in two packages, which are:

  • Management Suite which contains management modules like:

    1. eMain
    2. eCollect
    3. eCenter

  • Test Engine , which contains the core test engine :

    1. eCreate
    2. eEmulate

ICCert    is fully XML based and encrypts designated files to retain secured data transmission on the network. It overcomes many of the limitations of existing online examination systems by offering examiners an ability to easily and dynamically create online examinations 'on-the-fly', contrasting sharply with most existing systems which tend to be hard-coded and inflexible.

ICCert    has been designed to conform to SCORM standards and has its own in-built learning management system (LMS) module. The online examination environment is extremely secure, using PKI encryption standard