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MIA   is a complete electronic solution for rapidly contacting relevant staff in emergency situations using Short Messaging Service (SMS). The system connects with the Messaging Gateway using Web Services and sends text messages through the public mobile phone network. The system also enables staff to respond to text messages and automatically determines their availability status according to the user defined criteria.

The system enables mobile messaging of healthcare and other frontline staff in cases of major incidents and emergencies. It ensures that on-duty or off-duty staff can be quickly contacted and their availability is confirmed, while also enabling incident details to be sent. Alert messages and confirmation replies are communicated via text, while landline and paging options are also supported.

The system is easily configurable for various incident categories and severity levels, to which staff response quotas and specialisms can be attached. Staff availability can be linked to roster schedules or can optionally be directly managed by each staff member or by designated controllers.

MIA   makes extensive use of messaging templates, which can be configured with multiple message scripts and recordings that can be quickly accessed for broadcast when incidents occur. Alternatively, alert messages can be composed in real time