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CareMonX™ CAD

CareMonX™CAD is a modern and comprehensive Computer Aided Dispatch and Resource Allocation System. In contrast to other CAD systems, it has been designed with a dual emphasis on 911 emergency calls and on non-emergency dispatching associated with scheduled inter-hospital transfers, home-to-hospital transfers and routine treatments connected with chronic disease management and elderly patient needs. It also supports ad-hoc deployments and major casualty incident response.

CareMonX™CAD operates with other CareMonX™ EMS Suite modules to facilitate highly-efficient dispatch decision-making and analysis. It seamlessly integrates with electronic clinical care records, staff credentialing and accounting systems, while supporting complex Managed Care Pathways and other treatment protocols.

CareMonX™CAD is based on the latest SOA technology and utilizes non-proprietary hardware, communications and software platforms to minimize costs. It mainly revolves around managing patient's transportation activities on the basis of their checkup requirements.

CareMonX™CAD has got pentagonal interface, i.e. five interfaces for five autonomous but logically dependent users, the interfaces are: CAD Admin, Call Taker, Dispatcher, AVL and Ambulance. However, system also relies on the correct functioning of Real Communication Server and Web Server dedicated for data transmission and data archiving respectively. Data from Call Taker and Dispatcher are saved on CAD Web Server, in this way a centralized database is maintained for all modules of CareMonX™CAD. Whilst Push Server notifies the respective module for the operation whenever new data is saved on CAD Web Server.

CareMonX™CAD supports simultaneous multi-channel communication over GSM (GPRS) and TETRA. This is highly relevant in situations where some parts of an ambulance fleet (or multiple fleets) use different networks. F3 Technologies is member of the TETRA TWISP/EADS software development consortium and has significant experience of developing and operating OMA compliant mobile messaging platforms.

In addition to call-taking via telephone, CareMonX™CAD also supports call requests received by FAX, email, SMS, online browser booking interfaces and panic alert devices. It's open WSDL interface also enables call requests generated by third-party systems to be automatically entered into call queues.

CareMonX™CAD provides configurable 'dispatch decision-making' functionality that enables EMS organizations to build dispatch rules using various decision parameters. The configured rules are then used for aiding automated optimal fleet dispatch based upon the nature of calls received. CAD room operators can also be provided with access to intelligent decision-tree interrogation tools for instant analysis on why particular automated dispatch decisions are being recommended. Dispatch rules functionality can also be configured for management of unusually high call volumes, such as major incidents or disasters.