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ExaroScript ®

ExaroScript   platform components have been designed on services-oriented architecture (SOA) using the latest Microsoft.NET technology on Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005 and Windows Mobile. It also supports non-Microsoft mobile devices via JAVA MIDlet applications.

ExaroScript    acts as a communication bridge between digital pen and Bluetooth compatible devices to fetch handwritten text coordinates input from pen and process it on digital devices for digital archiving and timely retrieval.

The Digital Pen Platform offers the potential to drive significant efficiencies and cost savings across health and social care services by replacing paper-based processes with digital pen and paper solutions.

Using an ink-based digital pen and normal paper that contains an invisible watermark pattern, written data and graphics recorded in a normal manner can be immediately transmitted to specified locations. Transmitted data can also be seamlessly integrated with electronic backend systems.

Digital Pen technology reduces the administrative burden of paperwork on health and social care professionals, enabling more time to be spent on care and service delivery, while also improving overall workflow. Uses include:


  Primary and Community Healthcare
  Pre-Hospital Emergency Care
  Clinic and Ward Notes
  Prescription Writing
  Assessments and Reports
  In-field Form Completion