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SNOMED Clinical Technology Server, SnoChillies  supports emerging cloud-based health information systems across New Zealand.

Based upon IHTSDO terminology standards guidelines, SnoChillies offers rapid integration with both existing and new healthcare software products by using simple standards-based APIs that provide numerous functions for consuming SNOMED CT in software applications without a requirement for familiarity with associated technical fundamentals. In addition to simple terminology lookups and browsing, SnoChillies also includes readymade APIs for supporting post coordination without having to learn and design complex refinement techniques.

To support improvements in the quality of clinical data coding within New Zealand, and also to facilitate migration from legacy coding systems, the SnoChillies database includes various New Zealand-specific mapping and reference sets, including for NZULM. Additional relevant content will be incorporated via quarterly updates to SnoChillies from January 2017 onwards.

Announcing the launch of SnoChillies at the SNOMED CT Expo 2016 in Wellington, Valentia’s President Technology, Dr Ahmad Javad, stated: “To promote adoption of SNOMED CT within New Zealand's healthcare ecosystem, Valentia is not placing any commercial or licencing restrictions on the use of SnoChillies within the NZ healthcare environment, either by public or private healthcare providers or by software vendors.”

Valentia will also be featuring a SNOMED blog on the SnoChillies web site, www.snochillies.com, in which healthcare stakeholders across New Zealand will be able to participate in discussions and record their experiences.

SnoChillies is being hosted within New Zealand on a secure cloud platform for performance and reliability.

SnoChillies supports:

Latest release of SNOMED CT
Read Codes V2 to SNOMED CT (and vice versa)
NZ Emergency Care reference set
NZ Disability reference set
NZ Ambulance Observations Interventions reference set
NZ ACC Read Codes
NZ MSD Read Codes
WHO ATC (effective November 2016)
NZULM (effective November 2016)