Our Solutions
  We offer a wide range of solutions to address the needs of diverse industries. Our vast experience in this field enables us to deliver more reliable and cost effective solutions to our clients

Our Solutions
In F3 we have been fortunate to work with a diverse range of industries and this vast experience has enabled us to engage confidently with the client and deliver in-time solutions saving critical time to market. Our main strength lies in “Applications & Platforms” and “Research & Development”.

Applications & Platforms:

  • Our main strength is in developing enterprise-grade business applications and messaging platforms. These platforms are deployed by large IT vendors or via F3's sister companies to clients around the world.
  • Due to our ethos of building complete technology solutions from the ground upwards, we minimize dependencies upon third party and address technological uncertainties as well.
  • Over the past decade we have created a substantial code base, experience and intellectual capital that enables us to service the most complex and demanding business environments.

Research & Development (RND):

  • We encourage RND methodology and our engineers conduct researches to automate the manual processes of various industries.
  • We emphasize the importance of exploring emerging technologies to create innovative ideas.

Examples of Our Solutions:

  • The use of PDAs and Tablet PCs to capture patient data in ambulances during emergency circumstances, which has been very successful and appreciated internationally.
  • These mobile terminals (PDAs and Tablet PCs) have been given connectivity with hospitals and communication centres through GPRS and TETRA networks, to synchronize the hospital administration with the patient’s latest condition before their arrival.
  • We integrated SMS with the healthcare sector to send appointment reminders to patients and physicians.
  • The replying facility enables the system to determine their availability or rescheduled status of the appointments.
  • By using GPS devices and GIS we simulated ambulances on the map, which helped in equating their information like ETA (Estimated Time Arrival), avoidance area, current route, status etc.