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  At F3 Technologies we encourage our staff to attend local and international events to enhance their knowledge and skill base in the area of IT. We also facilitate local events and activities for our staff and their families.

F3 Technologies presents “SnoChillies” at the Health Services Academy’s
13th to 14th Dec 2016


7th Annual Public Health Conference Islamabad

F3 Technologies Abdul Rauf presented a poster on “Utilization of SNOMED CT to Support Sustainable Development Goal 3” at the annual public health conference hosted by the Health Services Academy. SnoChillies was also recently presented in New Zealand at the World Congress on Integrated Care (WCIC - 4) and in International health standard Organization (IHTDSO).

F3’s Marketing Manager Temoor Ali and Adeeb Ahmad manned Healthcare Technologies stand (a sister company of F3). Many participants visited the booth international and national health professionals, researchers, and stakeholders of various national and international organizations, the government sector and students of the academy.

The “Sustainable Development Goals for Health” was the main theme of the conference which supports a multi-sectoral approach in attaining health for all.

The main aim of the conference was to share experiences from various sectors and to identify lessons learned that can be utilized in planning interventions and policy development.