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  At F3 Technologies we encourage our staff to attend local and international events to enhance their knowledge and skill base in the area of IT. We also facilitate local events and activities for our staff and their families.

F3's 17th Anniversary and "Above the Best Awards 2016" ceremony
Tuesday 29th March 2016


F3 Technologies celebrated two auspicious events on Monday 14th March 2016 in the Crystal Hall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Firstly F3’s 17th Anniversary and secondly the “Above the Best Awards 2016” ceremony.

Ms. Samia Fayyaz the Master of Ceremony welcomed everyone and Dr. Javad & Mrs. Javad were received as the Guests of Honor by the Reception Committee Ms. Anita, Ms. Neda and Mr. Junaid. After the national anthem and the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Shahid Khan a video of collated felicitations by the company’s global clients and F3/VT colleagues working abroad was shown to the audience of over 200 staff, spouses and children.

F3 Technologies takes great pride in recognizing the services of its employees and rewarding them by offering both incentives and acknowledgements through the “Above the Best Awards” initiative.

Ms. Samia announced the nominations for all categories and Mr. Rameez supported the process by assisting Dr. Javad who personally congratulated the winners with their respective awards, cash prizes and certificates.  This year the awards were given in 8 categories. The number of prizes were increased in each category and four consolation prizes were selected by Dr. Javad and received due acknowledgement. 

The nominees and winners in each category are as follows:

  1. Above the Best Support Engineer

    1. Nominations:
      1. Nasir Yaseen
      2. Bushra Shiraz
    2. Winners:
      1. 1st position: Nasir Yaseen
      2. 2nd position: Bushra Shiraz
  1. Above the Best QA engineer

    1. Nominations:
      1. Neda Qamar
      2. Anita Aftab
      3. Hammad Riaz
    2. Winners:
      1. 1st position: Neda Qamar
      2. 2nd position: Anita Aftab
      3. 3rd position: Hammad Riaz
  1. Above the Best DBA

    1. Nominations:
      1. Nadeem Ahmed
      2. Rizwan Shehzad
      3. Abdur Rehman
    2. Winners:
      1. 1st position: Nadeem Ahmad
      2. 2nd position: Abdul Rahman
      3. 3rd position: Rizwan Shahzad
  1. Above the Best Software Engineer

  2. Nominations:
      1. Aneel Maqsood
      2. Umar Zaman
      3. Syed Ali Haider Rizvi
      4. Fahad Jameel
      5. Murtaza Naveed
      6. Azam Khan
      7. Hammad Shahid
      8. Usman Asghar
      9. Muhammad Usman
      10. Muhammad Riaz
      11. Farrukh Niaz
      12. Asim Javed
      13. Shahzad Riaz
      14. Usman Khair
      15. Shahzeb
      16. Jahangir Haider
      17. Kamran Shargill
      18. Maraj Ahmed
      19. Nouman Azhar
      20. Qamar Munir
      21. Zeeshan Yawar
    1. Winners:
      1. 1st position: Azam Khan, Muhammad Usman and Jahangir Haider
      2. 2nd position: Murtaza Naveed, Hammad Shahid and Muhammad Riaz
      3. 3rd position: Umar Zaman, Usman Asghar and Asim Javed
  1. Above the Best Project Lead

    1. Nominations:
      1. Imran Khan
      2. Syed Mohammed Ashraf
    2. Winner:
      1. Imran Khan
  1. Above the Best Team Lead

    1. Nominations:
      1. Asif Rauf
      2. Abdul Basit Hammad
    2. Winner:
      1. Aisf Rauf
  1. Team Lead Above the Best Team

    1. Winner: Talha Bilal
  1. Above the Best Team

    1. Winner: Spectrum-NTS

Consolation Prize Winners awarded by Dr. Javad:

  1. Arshad Ali
  2. Farrukh Imran
  3. Abdul Rauf
  4. Muhammad Yusuf Usmani

After the award distribution Dr. Javad addressed the audience and thanked Brig. Zulfiqar for his leadership and guidance. Dr. Javad also thanked his mother Mrs. Zulfiqar and his family for their ongoing support. Dr. Javad highlighted recent milestones that the company had achieved globally and shared the challenges ahead as the company continues to grow in strength. He thanked all staff for their hard work and loyalty to the company which has a reputable standing on the global information technology platform. Dr. Javad thanked Mr. Saeed Aktar (Director Project) for his ongoing support and leadership in the Rawalpindi offices.

At the end of the function a video was shown featuring the F3 Team Leads and their staff. A sumptuous dinner followed and all children received a gift much to their delight!

A special thank you to all the administration staff (Ms. Sanober, Mr. Zeeshan, Ms. Robina, Mr. Qasim and Mr. Adeeb) for their contribution in staging the event; Mr. Temoor (for his professional guidance with the event logistics); Mr. Junaid (for his photography) and all staff who helped to make this special occasion a memorable one including Mr. Iftikhar and his band for their live music.