Our Products

Our products are internationally recognized, contributing towards the continual expansion of our client base. Our innovative products have always kept up with the ever growing market demands.

Our Products

  • F3’s excellent products and quality services are the building blocks of its business.
  • Our professional product management is crucial to keep pace with the ever growing demands of clients, as well gaining an edge over market competitors.
  • Our products enable transformation from centralized service delivery models to distributed managed care, reflecting the realities of increasing patient empowerment, changing lifestyle patterns, demographic pressures and escalating funding challenges.

Business Domains

We have worked in multiple domains and sectors of human welfare, so our products reflect the ideology of all the sectors we have touched so far. Our most popular products are:

  • CareMonX™ EMS Suite- Electronic Patient Care Reporting & Data Management Solution
  • CareMonX™CAD- Emergency Dispatch
  • Vivasta - Enhanced Independent Living
  • MIA - Major Incident Alerting
  • PROMMS - Professional Membership Management System
  • ExaroScript - Digital Pen Technology
  • HazIT - Waste Disposal Management System
  • BizNav - Empowering Your Business Process

We are currently working on multiple innovative products using the latest tools and technologies. Over the past decade, we have evolved and emerged as one of the best companies with a focus on multiple domains:

  • Banking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Education
  • Emergency Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and Inventory
  • Management Real Estate
  • Telecommunication