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Airport Dispatch System

Airport Dispatch System is particularly designed to provide the medical services or assistance to the patients with in the airport premises in case of both emergency and non-emergency situations. An emergency care system is available to ensure the public safety. It provides interfaces so that the dispatcher can handle calls-for-services as efficiently as possible and can maintain the status of task at each stage. Call takers sitting in control room receives calls for emergency and records the necessary information of the patient and intimates the dispatchers. Later on dispatcher dispatches the task to best suited paramedic depending on his expertise, availability and location. Services can be provided to the patients either on the incident location or if required they can be transferred to the medical center located inside the airport.

Airport Dispatch System facilitates dispatchers in identification of incident location correctly, dispatching task to best suited team that ensures the in time availability of services to patients. This system not only improves the dispatching process but also help the management to maintain the reports and records of patients at any stage.

System provides several attractive features, which are:

  1. Record newly received calls
  2. View history and status of calls
  3. Locate and dispatch paramedics from best suited stations
  4. Keep map of airport and locate incidents on map
  5. Generate reports
  6. Create, view, modify, and delete stations and paramedics
  7. Facility to transfer patients
  8. Create and maintain paramedics duty schedule
  9. Provide online facility for patients to have details of treatment provided at airport
  10. Keep record of stations and paramedics
  11. Locate and view status of paramedics
  12. Online interface for repatriation booking