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HazIT ®

HazIT    is the latest Microsoft .Net certified for Windows XP application. Developed in C# using a highly distributed architecture and interfacing with a Microsoft SQL server at backend, this product allows users to record the collection and transfer or disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The system has been designed to record data at source to comply with all the Environmental Agency's (UK) data capture and presentation requirements. This allows HazIT® to natively produce EA compliant data returns in both Excel and XML as required. The system supports multiple disposal sites and produces returns on a site by site basis.

HazIT    also allows users to set up a flexible charging structure to be applied to customers covering everything from standard collection and disposal charges to bin rentals, transport charges and more. In addition, it supports the introduction of new charges on a flat rate, rate per unit collected or on a per collection basis thus providing future proofing for new fees when introduced.

The system allows administrators to attach queries to consignments recorded on the system which automatically emails the users who input the consignment. Users can update the consignment queries on the system thus a complete history of queries and their responses are held centrally.

The system offers fine control over which users can access concerned parts of the system through its role based security architecture. An administrator can assign roles to each user giving them the level of access required for the role they have within the organization.

With advanced search facilities and complete reports system HazIT® makes all data recorded easily accessible and traceable. With the ability to search for consignments on almost any imaginable piece of data the user will have their entire record of all collections available to them at their finger tips.